Crafted by

The Refinery


Brandon Knap

Principal/Experience Director

Greetings and welcome to The Refinery!

The Refinery is a type foundry with crossover into brand identity and UX strategy. When I founded The Refinery craftsmanship, quality and attention to detail were paramount. Stressing these principles in all areas of design can make the difference between creating something good or crafting something great, making something temporary or constructing something timeless.

Originally a graphic designer, I made a shift to user experience design to pursue creative problem-solving in the digital space. I pride myself on being able to toggle between the creative, strategic, and technical mindsets to deliver intelligent designs. While working with both established and emerging brands I've realized the power custom type design can have on a brand and the world they build around themselves.

I believe type design is in a pivotal place with the advent of mobile devices, wearables, retina screens and an experience-driven culture. New problems and technology will call for unique typographic and brand experience solutions the world has yet to see.

– Crafted by The Refinery